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This tool is designed to permit convenient viewing of spells from Starfinder, as well as provide some tools to make using those spells easier in your Starfinder games.

Version {{application.majorVer}}.{{application.minorVer}} | Author: Nathaniel 'Hectate' Mitchell | Released under MIT license, 2018

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By default, the entire list is hidden. You may include/exclude specific levels or classes with the options below, or simply press All, to view spells. You can also search by spell name. The search is not case-sensitive, and will locate a matching patterns within the name (e.g. all that contain 'mind' in the name, not just those that start with 'mind'). The search is still reduced by the filters applied.

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Mystic Technomancer

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The List Builder helps you maintain a collection of known spells for a spellcaster. To get started, create a new list and fill in the blanks. Once the builder has enough information, it will allow you to begin selecting appropriate spells. If the character has multiple classes, please keep in mind the difference between caster level and character level.

Clicking Save Characters will store your selections in your browser's Local Storage; it is not yet possible to export/import, or carry existing setups to other devices (e.g. computer to phone). If there is a major version difference between what you have saved the characters as, the data will not be loaded (and it will be over-written by clicking Save Characters!).

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Known Spell management will go here; someday!