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This tool is designed to permit convenient viewing of spells from Starfinder, as well as provide some tools to make using those spells easier in your Starfinder games.

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The List Builder helps you maintain a collection of known spells for a spellcaster. To get started, click Add Character and fill in the blanks on the Character Info tab. Once the builder has enough information, it will allow you to begin selecting appropriate spells in the Spell Selector tab. If the character has multiple classes, please keep in mind the difference between caster level and character level. Sphelper was not built with multi-classing in mind, sorry. Once you have all your known spells selected, you can then use the Daily Spell Management tab on the character to track your use of spells during play (not implemented yet).

Clicking Local Save will store your selections in your browser's Local Storage. This does not transfer to other devices (e.g. computer to phone).

You can export character data with the Export All and Export Character buttons/menu. This prompts you to save a JSON file to your local device with the relevant information. You can share this JSON file with other people or send it to other devices to use the saved data there with the Import Character(s) button to select the file and load it.

If there is a major> version difference between what you have saved the characters as, the data will not be loaded (and it will be over-written by clicking Save Characters!). If this is a concern for you, it is recommended that you download the files to run this locally instead so an update does not cause any data to be lost.

If there is a minor version difference, the system will alert you to the change but allow the data to be loaded. In this case, it is recommended that you review the changelog for changes relevant to your character(s). You should also examine your character(s) for any discrepancies or issues.

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You must select a class in the Character Info section first.

You must have 1 or more levels in the class under Character Info.

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Daily Spell Management will go here; someday!

Note to self: Remember to implement spell cache, counts for bonus spells per day, and marking off spell slots used. Calculate spell DCs, durations, and anything else. Include a "reset" button for when characters take a full rest to regain all spell slots.